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Our company was founded in 1989 and up to now we have achieved to possess a leading place in the Hellenic market, with a continuous increase of sales, at a rate that exceeds 20% annually.

Thus, this is the 18th year of our creative and dynamic presence in the fields of:

  1. Children Playground Facilities & Equipment design and manufacturing (from the simplest to the most demanding and progressive combinations),
  2. City & Parks equipment design and manufacturing (lighting poles, sitting benches, vehicle barriers, bicycle parking stands, litter bins of all kinds etc.), as well as
  3. Olympic Standards indoor and outdoors sports & athletics hardware and equipment design, development and manufacturing (mini soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, track and field hardware and side-field installations and infrastructure).
Ever since, our primary objective is the steady improvement of quality, safety and progressive design for all our products. We constantly strive for betterment in all our efforts, planning on with responsibility, respect, coordination and proper programming.

To the achievement of these goals, we depend to the fullest extend upon:
  • Our own manpower,
  • Our own facilities, production line and infrastructures,
  • Information technology, which helps us to keep in touch with the universal developments in our field of activities,
  • Latest technological production tools and equipment, which helps us be innovative and accurate in transforming our designing ideas into real products,
  • Contractual co-operations with the world leading companies in our field, as well as
  • Conformity with the strictest quality, safety and environmental standards set by both international and national certifying organizations.
In this manner, we are the first Hellenic company achieving to become a member of F.E.P.I. (Federation Of European Play Industry), being certified at ISO 9001:2000 (ELOT), ISO 14001:2004 (Bureau Veritas Certification) and EN 1176, meaning that all our playground products and equipment are manufactured according to the highest European Standards of safety.

Company policy for quality and environment

Our company strives for the customer satisfaction with:
  • the irreproachable quality of our products

  • the consistence and excellent level of communication with the customers

  • the combination of quality and antagonistic prices

  • the right packaging for the protection of products

  • the duly delivery

  • the right installation where is required by the agreement with the customer

This requires:

  • the constant interest and collaboration among administration staff and workers

  • the right choice of raw material

  • the right choice of reliable suppliers and other collaborators

And is achieved

  • with the conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standards

  • with the prevention of errors (by the continuous inspection and control of the manufacturing process)

  • with the continuous effort for improvement of the behavior, the communication and the processes.

Moreover, our enterprise acknowledges the important role that we have to play for the protection of the environment. To this direction, we have placed a registered system of environment protection management in operation, according to the requirements of the International ISO 14001:2004 system, so that our manufacturing plant productive processes, become friendlier to the environment.


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